• It guarantees automatic job placement to Officers and Men who had already been trained, commissioned, certificated with ID cards and service numbers immediately or as soon as the act of parliament to establish this organization is enacted into law by the National Assembly.
  • Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission has consultative status (ECOSOC) under United Nations Social Economic and Political Development of CSO’s and NGO’s (DESA) thereby unveiling opportunities therein.
  • Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission is in partnership with the United Nations Peacekeeping Training Institute (POTI), E – Learning Program to enhance and harness efficiency and professionalism in the United Nations System and professional courses for effective practice in any mission anywhere anyplace.
  • Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission has Joint Corporation Protocol with Royal Traditional Priesthood Kingdom (RTPK) for Mutual Corporation and understanding to benefit both parties.
  • Shall leverage on the comparative advantages of professionalism, international relationship, trade and tourism to be enjoying numerous opportunities available.
  • The opportunity to add your voice as a peace, security and human rights advocates cannot be over emphasized.
  • The privilege of belonging to a para-military outfit with integrity and international recognition such as Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission is seasoned by grace.