• There shall be a written document for the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics or ethical standard of the service and rules of engagement punishable by defaulters under this acts and constitution as a whole and by the Commandant General with the eye of law.
  • The rules of engagement shall cover operational rules, system engagement, rules of engagement and or guidelines especially Units Commanders, Acting Commanders, Substantive Commanders, Officers and Men of the upper echelon of the service and appropriate sanctions shall be applied to defaulters with the eye of the law.
  • There shall be code of conduct for all cadets, volunteers, associates, partners and affiliate members and appropriate sanctions shall apply accordingly.
  • There shall be code of ethics or ethical standard to be maintained by operatives of the service and appropriate sanctions shall apply accordingly with the eye of law.
  • There shall be time of resumption and time of closure, lateness beyond an hour prior to the time of commencement shall be punished according to law.
  • Lawlessness, insubordination, impersonation, deserter, abscondment from duty, lack of discipline, outrage, misconduct, gross misconduct, immoral and illicit act, drinking while on duty, misnomer, de-normal, abnormal behavior, questionable character, stealing, armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, terrorism, convicted by any court of competent jurisdiction, drug abuse, human trafficking, rapist, hooliganism, homosexual and lesbianism (gay), bribery and corruption are highly prohibited in the service and defaulters shall be severely sanctioned, punished according to the provision of this constitution.