Any member of Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission that dies on active service shall be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. It is the duty of Chaplain Ambassadors Peace Mission to bury her officer’s official on the account of death but where a local church/mosque, family members or association insist in burying the officer/deceased/ corpse themselves,the Organization shall pull out.
  2. There shall be a State Burial for the deceased.
  3. Replacement with immediate family or sibling may be considered.
  4. The organization shall care for the deceased family for a year or less depending on the circumstances.
  5. Active unit commanders, state commanders, patrons, matrons, associates, board members and chairman in council are entitled to state burial on account of death.


  1. In the case of non – active service officer the state command where the officer served shall take full responsibility of the burial arrangements.
  2. In the event of non – active service, normal death or otherwise stated, the state shall take full responsibility of the junior officer while the board shall direct for senior officers burial arrangement.
  3. Condolence visits shall be accorded to the deceased family with a purse to be determined by the team.